State Soil Health Action Framework

The Soil Health Action Plan for Minnesota is a collaborative effort of MOSH and the Board of Water and Soil Resources, with funding from the McKnight Foundation. The goal of this effort is to promote a coordinated approach to climate change mitigation and landscape resiliency, by collaboratively identifying goals, strategies, and actions related to soil management. We want to promote cross-sector conversations and produce guidance for public and private entities as they develop their own internal action plans, programs and policies.

The process: We have convened a stakeholder advisory committee – a mix of practitioners in agriculture and conservation fields – to identify goals and strategies. The group does not need to reach consensus or commit to actions, but to represent the diversity of voices in soil health work in Minnesota. Informed by the discussions of this stakeholder group and a technical advisory group, the project staff will produce an interim report at the end of 2022 with a framework of goals, strategies, and actions; and a final report at the end of 2023 that will further develop actions.

Project staff are working closely with the MN Dept of Agriculture staff who will be coordinating a healthy soil management plan recently mandated by the state legislature. We will ensure that their effort can build on and complement this project, and not duplicate work.

Soil Health Impacts: A technical literature review .pdf
Influences to Soil Health Practice Adoption: A social science literature review .pdf

A grant from the McKnight Foundation to the Board of Water and Soil Resources. March 2022 through February 2024